Best Wooden Spoon

I have heaps of kitchen utensils, yet it’s forever my wooden spoons I go after when doing practically any kind of blending or mixing or sautéing. There is something in particular about the vibe of wood that is perfect.

Be that as it may, not every single wooden spoon are made equivalent. Those shabby packs of 3 you can purchase in the market won’t give you a similar joy or usefulness as something all the more well-developed and thoroughly considered.

So how about we talk about this most modest of kitchen executes. I’ll plunge into the universe of wooden spoons to examine the whys and whats of this device and I’ll likewise survey a portion of the first class choices on Amazon in case you’re in the market to get some new spoons. Don’t hesitate to snap directly over tosee the most recent audits and costs for these alternatives from the table beneath.

Shopping Tips

When searching for good wooden spoons, there are a few elements to consider.

Kind of Wood

The least expensive wooden spoons are regularly made of pine. This is alright, however they likely won’t keep going an extremely lengthy timespan and they may even grant your sustenance with a piney enhance from the start. In the event that you need to put resources into better quality spoons, search for harder woods like beech, maple, bamboo, or olive wood.


Most wooden cooking spoons are genuinely shallow, however will at present let you get a little taste while cooking. In the event that you need a spoon that can fill in also, search for one with a more profound bowl. On the off chance that you have to get into the sides of the pot or scratch bits up from the base, search for something with a more honed corner or straight edge.

Try not to feel limited to conventional spoon shapes when looking for wooden utensils. My preferred wooden “spoon” is increasingly similar to an adjusted spatula shape that just feels directly for driving nourishment around to sauté or for one-pot dishes and sautés. You can likewise discover opened spoons, scoops, spatulas, and all way of shapes relying upon your need.


A decent wooden spoon ought to be produced using a solitary bit of wood, so there are no creases that can break or gather sustenance bits.


Some wooden spoons have an alternate handle material, similar to shaded silicone or even marble. This is less about the spoon’s usefulness—wood is an incredible material to grasp alone—and progressively about feel and individual inclination.

Reward tip: When you’ve put resources into some stunning wooden spoons, consider showing them over your counter instead of stuffing them into your kitchen drawers. An enormous bricklayer container can make a rural, enjoyable look (and it’s shabby!). I adore a marble vessel like this—can work in any style of kitchen from conventional to present day and moderate.

There are some mind boggling wooden spoons that all alone satisfy a huge assortment of capacities. You can likewise discover great incentive in sets. I’ll investigate both.

OXO Good Grips Large Wooden Spoon

This wooden spoon is made of a strong, single bit of beech wood and has a gap in the wide handle for hanging, whenever wanted.

This spoon has a pleasant, profound break, so it’d work for serving at the table just as getting a healthy taste when you’re trying your sustenance during cooking. It’s an extremely strong bit of hardware—certainly bigger in both the handle and the bowl segment of the spoon than your run of the mill market wooden spoons.

What’s more, proprietors of this one concur. Commentators note the thick, agreeable handle and smooth wood. Some state they’ve had this spoon for a considerable length of time and it has kept going wonderfully.

A few people do take note of that the wood will in general get harsh in the wake of washing, especially in the event that you utilize a rough kind wipe (this can be cured with sanding as well as a mineral oil rub). It likewise appears there might be quality control issues—a few people revealed the spoon breaking after the primary washing, however then they didn’t have a similar issue at all with a substitution. So test it out following obtaining to make sure it’s a decent one!

 Vremi Bamboo and Silicone 5-Piece Set

This is a fun, brilliant arrangement of bamboo utensils. It incorporates a customary adjusted spoon, a spoon with scratching corner, opened spoon, forked spoon, and spatula. The wooden segment is bamboo, while the handles are hued silicone.

The mind lion’s share of clients love these utensils. Individuals discover they feel solid and the silicone handles are delicate and decent to grasp. The long handles likewise make them extremely useful, particularly for enormous pots of nourishment like bean stew. The set comes pleasantly bundled, too, making for a decent blessing.

There are a couple of worries with this set. One is that the wood bit isn’t produced using a solitary bit of wood, yet a few strips stuck together. This is very normal for bamboo yet may cause issues with chipping or breaking over the long run (and to be sure, a few clients had these issues after just a couple of employments). You may likewise be worried about the wellbeing of the paste.

Nonetheless, the producer is exceptionally responsive and open to working with clients, which is a pleasant consolation in the event that you get a damaged thing.

Le Creuset Wooden Scraping Spoon

Given that Le Creuset’s popular cast iron enamelware pots require the delicate dash of wooden utensils, it bodes well that Le Creuset makes this spoon as a supplement.

Like the organization’s cookware, their different embellishments are immaculately executed and of the most elevated quality. This scratching spoon is no exemption. It is regularly suggested on discussions and in cooking magazines as a definitive wooden spoon.

It is produced using a solitary bit of beech with pleasant subtleties like an opening for hanging, an agreeable bended handle, and the Le Creuset brand along the handle.

Numerous individuals discover this is extremely the best wooden spoon. With its corners and straight edge, it’s optimal for deglazing a container or scraping up “affectionate” on the base of the pot. There is a sufficient bowl that you can do trials, in spite of the fact that the break isn’t generally profound enough to be a powerful serving spoon.

The primary analysis is that the wood is somewhat harsh, so be set up to treat it consistently. Something else, it’s extremely simply the value that has a few people scrutinizing this spoon. You’re paying more for those additional subtleties and the Le Creuset name.

Scanwood Olive Wood 12″ Spoon

Scanwood is a Danish organization that brings that Scandi-cool tasteful to kitchen instruments. This spoon is produced using delectable olive wood which is truly sturdy. It is economically sourced, as well.

This is an exemplary spoon plan—a long, straight, round handle and a genuinely shallow bowl that is principally for mixing yet additionally works for tasting. There are additionally various different sorts of Scanwood spoons you can get from this equivalent connection, or likewise here, in case you’re searching for even more a spatula, scrubber, or serving-type spoon.

Proprietors of any of Scanwood’s olive wood utensils note the amount more appealing these spoons are than others they’ve utilized. The olive wood has a wonderful, rich grain and feels pleasant in the hand. In spite of the fact that the handle looks flimsy in the item pictures, commentators report that it is sturdier and thicker than it shows up.

A few people find that their spoons require more standard oiling than other wooden spoons they possess. Others really observe the handle to be a piece unreasonably stout for their loving, however I think this involves individual inclination.

Picking the Best Wooden Spoon

Have I persuaded you yet that wooden spoons are the best approach in the kitchen? Truly? Alright, so which one is your ideal spoon?

OXO’s wooden spoons are an incredible spending choice that should even now keep going quite a while. Le Creuset’s Scraping spoon likewise resembles a convenient device, however I don’t have a clue on the off chance that I’d be eager to spend that much for a wooden spoon! (Possibly as a blessing… clue!). I for one incline toward a strong wooden spoon, however in case you’re searching for more style in your kitchen, Vremi’s bamboo set is a decent esteem, especially on the off chance that you discover it marked down.

There are such a large number of extraordinary choices, yet for me, the ideal wooden spoon is Scanwood’s Olive wood cooking spoon. It’s a work of art, flexible shape and olive wood is simply so tough and delightful. I likewise like that this organization utilizes economically sourced wood.